"I am excited to announce my candidacy for Galveston County Judge. This position requires leadership, good judgment, and a vision that leads Galveston County further into greatness. I plan to use my background, education, and relationships over my decades of public service.

  1. OUR TAXES ARE TOO HIGH! Our property taxes are significantly higher than any of our neighboring counties. I will reduce our property taxes to be competitive with our neighbors. You shouldn't be penalized to live in Galveston County.

  2. I will get us an Ike Dike! Our current County Judge had 7 years to do what he promised - but has not done. It's time to change leadership.

  3. When disasters strike our county, I will get US the attention that we deserve. Government agencies are helping everyone except Galveston County.

I will be the FULL-TIME County Judge that Galveston County needs - not the part-time judge that we have. 

– Judge Lonnie Cox


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